Bring structure into ServiceNow.

Entity Relationship Model for ServiceNow

ERM4SN – The universal reference documentation for ServiceNow

Stay «close to the box»!

Did your customizations inspire ServiceNow and become part of the platform?
Has your CMDB model evolved over time?

There is nothing wrong with customizing ServiceNow, but changes often conflict with new features of future ServiceNow releases and require to be undone.

ERM4SN is the perfect instrument to go «close to the box» - and stay there.

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Reduce Effort and Costs

ERM4SN, the one-stop shop to all information you need to know about your ServiceNow instances.

Track Customization Level

Always know the customization level of your ServiceNow instances.

Structural Changes Review

Run consistency checks and identify differences on tables, columns and attributes over multiple instances.

Baseline Class & ER Diagram

Create and download diagrams with one click and visualize the customizations in your ERD tool of choice.

“In ITDWH my team is using ERM4SN heavily. It does support us to understand data entities, structures and cardinality of ServiceNow. This enables us to do proper data integration into IT data warehouse. Finally, our clients benefit from high quality reporting solutions.”
Mario A., Head ITDWH, Swiss Re