With ERM4SN you improve and speed up your development processes within ServiceNow ITSM.
ERM4SN brings you full sets of tables, attributes, relationships, diagrams and related applications at a glance.

New Version 2

You now also can try ERM4SN for free including all features for 30 days.

New features:

  • New Release module to visualize changes on tables and attributes in time.
  • Search filter for tables and attributes
  • Performance improvements for UML diagram rendering, global search and table listing.
  • Table now can be added to diagrams direct from each link under Table, Table Detail, Application or Application Detail
  • Attribute Consistency checks now also analyze derived attributes
  • Excel file downloads on all reports, listings and tables.
  • New responsive design supporting mobile and tablet devices.
  • A new user and access management to granular steer permissions for architects, developers and administrators.
  • Completely re-written backend to improve meta data load and allow refresh in cron (job scheduling) intervals.

ER Diagrams in UML

Create and download diagrams with one click in ERM4SN and quickly & easily visualize your customizations in the ServiceNow landscape with your ERD tool of choice.
Track changes on tables or attributes over multiple diagram versions. - ERM4SN even notifies you if an object in your diagram has changed.

Download ERD example

SQA - Software Quality Assurance

With ERM4SN you can identify differences on tables and in columns and attributes over multiple instances. Additionally you can run consistency checks on attributes and references to detect design issues.

It has never been easier to do SQA in multiple ServiceNow environments!


Visualization of inheritance of tables, attributes and relationships

A new view to the complexity of your processes. - Graphical diagrams in ERM4SN can help you to understand the relationships between tables and can measure the impact of any change to attributes and tables.


Change history on attribute level

Never miss a change on an attribute! All changes to attributes are tracked and directly indicated in the table detail view with a specified color code.


Search tables and applications

Auto complete search box brings up all the tables and applications in a second.

Metadata refresh

Schedule data refreshes after every update-set apply to bring your ERM4SN model up to date.

Access management

Maintain different users to access ERM4SN and schedule data refreshes after every update-set apply.